Founded In 2001, Balaji seeds is an Ap-Headquartered provider of High Yield products and 88 varieties of
For over 18 years we’ve been bringing Hybrid seeds with best Quality and Quantity.
Our mission is most favored seed brand. Seeds for new researching with fascinate
We use to manufacture as well as do production with raw materials, seeds making, seeds processing,
medicine and color treatment are the process involved.
Two branches available for the customers to get Hybrid seeds in AP & TS.
Hybrid seeds export to different parts of the world. 300Tons of maize export to Bangladesh, Jowar
around 300 tons; SSG exported more than 300 tons, best quality and quantity raised vegetables to other
We will produce supply with new trend & pest free seed over all export in the hybrid products.
International business of exporting seeds like
1. Maize
2. Sorghum Sudan Grass
3. Jowar
4. Vegetables seeds
Our research and development have been enlarged over the countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan,
South Africa and Myanmar.



Balaji Seeds is a key stakeholder in fueling Green Revolution that begins with the seed, the most decisive input in agriculture. Genetically enhanced premium quality seed has been the hallmark of Kaveri for more than three decades, The Company has vast experience in seed production of major agricultural crops backed by a very strong in-house R&D programme for crops maize, cotton, sun flower, bajra, sorghum, rice and several vegetable crops

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