Research and Development of Balaji Seeds

Balaji Seeds is a key stakeholder in fueling Green Revolution that begins with the seed, the most decisive input in agriculture. Genetically enhanced premium quality seed has been the hallmark of Kaveri for more than three decades, The Company has vast experience in seed production of major agricultural crops backed by a very strong in-house R&D programme for crops maize, cotton, sun flower, bajra, sorghum, rice and several vegetable crops. With over 600 acres of farm land owned by the company and dedicated team of researchers, the company is conscious of the changing needs of farmers and consumers to design and develop productive hybrids that excel in market and fetch rewarding returns. Being India’s leading National seed company, the focus centers round combined use of conventional breeding and biotechnology to shift the yield frontier and stabilize it through incorporation of genetic resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. Encountering the challenges faced by the farmers are the business motto for Kaveri’s research innovation.

R&D at Balaji Seeds

Product Development:

On the product development for seed business, the company is successful in developing several market competitive hybrids

  • Cotton (Jaadoo & Jackpot) Jaadoo and Jackpot are Bt cotton hybrids with stacked genes, cry IAc & cry2Ab that help combat the bollworm pest.
  • Sunflower (Sunkranti & Champ) Champ and Sunkranti have built in resistance to SNV and DM
  • Bajara (Boss 65). The bajra hybrid Boss 65 is high yielder with attractive grain and drought enduring
  • Rice ( AK56 & KPH 9090)
  • Sorghum ( Colonel )
  • Several of our pipeline maize hybrids (25K60, KMH 3669and KMH 2700) excelled in performance in All India Coordinated trials.



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